Carcode SMS is our newest product and winner of Hackomotive 2014!

What can do for me? creates a unique QR code and matching mobile-optimized profile for each vehicle in your inventory. Once scanned, QR barcodes deliver pictures, video, vehicle options, CarFax history, and Facebook integration right to the buyer's smartphone- instantly.

Customers are rewarded for visiting your site with a coupon for the vehicle they are interested in. This gives you the ability to connect and follow up with customers who do not enter the showroom.

Mike profile photo QR codes have been great for connecting with customers who visit our dealership after hours and on Sundays. makes it simple for us to print a unique QR code for every vehicle on our lot. We get a ROI every month from shoppers who contact us by scanning one of our QR codes.
— Mike Wolf Young Chevrolet Cadillac in Owosso, MI
Adam profile photo
Our salesmen love using the mobile CRM companion. We are getting more phone and lot ups logged in our CRM than ever before. makes it easy for our sales staff to have our inventory at their fingertips and share info with a guest. If you want more of your traffic to make it into your CRM you should try
— Adam Fitzpatrick Ballweg Chevrolet in Middleton, WI
Lisa profile photo is really easy to use and they have offered super fast support anytime I need something.
— Lisa N Inventory Manager, Beaverton Honda increases the effectiveness of our used car listings on all third party sites, by encouraging the shopper to bring the vehicle from their computer screen to their smartphone. Within the first week of using, we saw a scan, which resulted in a lead being generated, which resulted in a sale the next day.
— Steve Lavigne Honda Auto Center of Bellevue, WA

Learn how helps...

Mobile email form

Sales consultants use to collect contact info from customers. When a salesperson uses their own smartphone to scan a Carcode tag, they can send a customized coupon and e-brochure directly to the customer.

What happens next?

Mobile vehicle profile

Customers are using on the lot when dealerships are closed or when no salesperson is available to help them. Customers take mental ownership by researching the CarFax history, requesting a coupon, and watching videos from the dealership.

What happens next?

Dealer admin dashboard dealers can now reach the 50% of customers who visit the lot but never enter the showroom. is a powerful tool that captures these "ups" in your CRM, allowing you to follow up with them. turns "lot onlys" into real leads.

What happens next?

Carcode benefits

  • With your inventory will be in your customer’s pocket
  • Engage the 50% of customers who don’t enter the showroom
  • Salespeople can use to collect contact info on the lot
  • Connect with customers on the lot even when you are closed
  • Engage with customers on their most intimate device
  • Turn your internet shoppers into floor traffic
  • Dealer coupon rewards the customer for scanning your tags
  • Build your email list
  • Show customers that you understand technology by leveraging the same powerful tool national brands do
  • Customers are making the first move- response marketing
  • makes your inventory memorable in the customers mind
  • Use to start an interesting conversation
  • Save time in the deal and keep control on the lot
  • Turn "lot onlys" into real leads

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