Carcode SMS is our newest product and winner of Hackomotive 2014!

Generating leads

How generates leads.

QR code window stickers

Automatically print a unique QR code window sticker for every car on your dealerships lot.

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QR code photo slides

Easily add a QR code to your photo feeds. This allows shopper who find your cars online to take it with them on their phone.

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Mobile CRM integration

Mobile CRM companion allows salesmen to log an up in your existing CRM right from their smartphone by sending them a brochure.

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Sales consultants use Carcode to collect contact info from customers. When a salesperson uses their own smartphone to scan a Carcode tag, they can send a customized coupon and e-brochure directly to the customer.

When the sales consultant gets back to their desk, they will find that a new lead has automatically been created in the CRM, so they can follow up. When the customer gets home they will have the coupon and e-brochure for their vehicle waiting in their email inbox.

Compare that to handing the customer a business card on the lot and hoping they return. Hope and wait? Or, Scan and Deliver!

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Customers are using Carcode on the lot when dealerships are closed or when no salesperson is available to help them. Customers take mental ownership by researching the CarFax history, requesting a coupon, and watching videos from the dealership.

With, customers can share a car with a spouse or "like" the vehicle on Facebook to see what their friends think. When they leave the lot, the vehicle goes with them, right on their phone.

When you add to your AutoTrader and web listings, customers have the ability to instantly transfer the car they are researching from their home computer to their smartphone when they leave the house to buy.

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Dealerships dealers can now reach out to the 50% of customers who visit their lot but never enter the showroom. gives you a powerful tool to make sure that these "ups" hit the CRM and are being followed up with properly. turns "lot onlys" into real leads.

Dealerships are using as a cornerstone of their mobile marketing strategy. dealers know that when you get your cars on customers’ smartphones, you are building a strong emotional bond. The phone and your car never leave the shopper’s side.

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